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Sorel Mizzi's Health Challenge

Sorel Mizzi is issuing a challenge to the poker community, it's not about the biggest cashes, hours played, or trophies won, it's about getting fit.

Mizzi's blog carries the details of the health challenge with a list of judges who will determine the winners. He's listed the three different categories in how players will be judged:

1) Transformation: How has your body changed from the beginning of the program to the end? Take weekly photos! (out of 10 points).

2) Blogging: I want to know about your experiences, the challenges/struggles you face, how you’re feeling, etc. The more in-depth, frequent and creative the better! Doesn’t have to be long or tedious. just specific. (out of 10 points)

3) Stats: I’m a huge stats freak, so I like to keep track of everything. I log my meals, time of meals, supplements I’m taking, workouts I’m doing, progress I’ve made and personally take pictures every day (I want to do a youtube slide in the end) but once a week is more practical. I also weigh myself regularly and update measurements of various muscle groups every few weeks. Record your stats; weight, body fat percentage/ muscle measurements, meal logs, workout logs etc. I’d like to follow your progress. (out of 10 points).

You'll find 'Incentives for Winner' at his blog also.


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