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Gamblers win $1.5 Million

The mini baccarat table in Atlantic City's Golden Nugget Casino found 14 people huddled around it when a card sequence kept repeating, over and over.

Gamblers may have strange tendencies and get a bit unreasonable at times but they aren't dumb enough to overlook the fact that the same sequence of cards was dealt twice, then thrice, and continued on through 41 consecutive hands. The gamblers upped their bets from the $10 minimum and kept upping them.

By the time 41 hands were dealt, the gamblers had stacked up a total of $1.5 million in winnings. About this time casino security figured a heist was going on.

The players have been denied their winnings because after questioning them, and finding none of them did anything wrong other than pay attention and win, the casino found out their recently purchased shipment of playing cards was not 'thoroughly shuffled.' The manufacture of the cards is being sued because the shipment is considered defective since they were completely unshuffled - but now they are suing the players also.

Benjamin Dash, the gamblers' lawyer:

"The Golden Nugget appealed to gamblers to come in and play games licensed and sanctioned by the state of New Jersey," he said. "My clients did exactly that, and then were denied their winnings. There is absolutely no law in New Jersey that would permit the Golden Nugget to declare the game illegal because it failed to provide shuffled cards."


The curious afterthought: Casinos should know by now that cards must be shuffled, so what's the problem? Security waited through 41 hands before checking out the 'winning spree' that was going on? Casinos know the odds and their edge; we think they should suck it up and pay in the name of goodwill and their stupidity.

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