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Adelson's Financial Backing of Mitt Romney

Sheldon Adelson, Sands Corporation CEO, opposes online poker. Adelson is a casino mogul that has his fingers stuck way too far into the inner regions of casino gambling.

Adelson has taken a stand against allowing internet poker to become a legal and regulated activity.

Here's how it appears to us - it's OK if you go to Adelson's casinos and blow off your paycheck every week but God forbid that you would be able to enjoy an evening of online poker from the comforts of your home. Correct us if we're wrong Mr. Adelson.

At this point in the race for the United States Presidency, Adelson is backing GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Since the Republicans recently announced their stance against online poker and internet gambling in their GOP Platform, we thought the world should know that Adelson's heart is filled with greed.

Adelson doesn't want US citizens to play online poker, he wants them in his casinos to fill his coffers. And his backing of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney doesn't only make political sense to satisfy his greed, but it may also be in his best interest financially - aside from the income he would glean from casino players - Adelson, having vowed to spend as much as $100 million to help sway the 2012 election, could turn that investment into a $2 billion tax cut if Romney is elected.

That information is out in a new report by Seth Hanlon, the director of fiscal reform at the Center for American Progress Action Fund.


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